Welcome to the new Greta Loves Mabel website!

Animals are my passion and it’s an privilege to be able to create artwork and products that celebrate all animals. I have lived with all kinds of animals over the years, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, pig, hamsters and horses. I currently have three dogs and five pet pigs so life is very busy! I began doodling dogs many years ago just for something fun to do and that has grown and I have been very lucky to have been commissioned to do pet and animal portraits all over the world.

One of my passions is rescue and supporting dogs and animal charities all over the world that need our help the most. I have learnt so much from the dogs that have had difficult beginnings, not least from Mabel who my company was partly named after. She had three legs but it always took people awhile to realise, because she has this incredible attitude and life force . She got a lot of sympathy but she never needed nor wanted any of it, she was too busy making the most of life. It’s with this positive spirit and love of live that I begin this new phase of Greta Loves Mabel and I ask you to join me in celebrating animals and creating a world in which we ‘Love All’.

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