I’m Sally-Anne

and i can paint your dog

Greta Loves Mabel celebrates your love for dogs and all animals everywhere by offering you stunning Pet Portraits and gorgeous Products featuring my original artwork. What could be better than an ever lasting memorial of your best friend to enjoy every day in your home? When I paint your dog it is so much more than putting brush to paper, where possible I meet dogs and if that’s not possible due to distance, I want to find out as much as possible about them and see as many photos as you have. I have connected to each dog I have painted and a little bit of each stays in my heart forever.

Dogs are there for us through thick and thin, they never judge and they are always there to take away any sadness with a sloppy dog kiss. If I live to be a hundred I will never find enough ways to say thank-you to the dogs I have known, I adore all dogs and I’m blessed to be able to spend my life doing this for you and yours.

All Greta Loves Mabel paintings and products are vegan friendly.

I dedicate Greta Loves Mabel to all the dogs I have known and loved and all of those I’ve yet to meet.