Able Mabel & Archie Moon

By Sally-Anne

Abel and Archie Moon

When Mabel was born on a cold winter night,

They knew straight away things weren’t quite right.

The other pups frolicked for all to see,

But Mabel just lay there, under the tree.


The Strange little man held her up in the air,

He poked and prodded her and ruffled her hair.

He scratched his head and wondered what it could be?

Then he counted her…three.


Unable to sell her with only three feet

The strange little man threw her out on the street.

The street didn’t notice the sad sorry sight,

Of the cold, wet puppy on the road that night.


Then all of a sudden a boy held her up,

“Look here mummy, a three legged pup!”

Archie hugged Mabel close to his heart,

Neither Mabel nor Archie wanted to part.


Archie’s mum sighed, for she wished they could take,

The little pup home & a new family make.

For Archie was shy, his feelings hard to tell,

But it seemed that Mabel bought him out of his shell.


Money was short so there could be no suggestion,

Another mouth to feed was out of the question.

They kissed her and loved her and they did their best,

To help three legged Mabel find somewhere to rest.


Off to the shelter, where Mabel was fed,

With the other strays who shared her bed.

Each day family’s came & it was love at first sight,

But none one loved Mabel, she wasn’t ‘quite right’.


A year passed at the shelter & the big bossed bemoaned

“Mabel cannot stay here if she can’t be re-homed”

“We’ll give her two weeks and then we’ll know,

If she can’t find a home she’ll just have to go”


So they rang round the stations to try and see,

If they could get her a spot on rescue’ T.V.

They hoped & they wished she would get her home,

With a large screen tv, a toy & a bone


On to the screen danced Mr O’Grady

Followed by Mabel, the three legged lady.

The Audience let out an ear blasting “Aaaawwwwwww!”

For the ginger dog with the missing paw.


Watching at home as the world walked by,

Was Archie Moon, still painfully shy.

With no friends, sisters or brothers,

He rarely felt the love of others.


But over the year life had got better,

His mum had good news in the form of a letter,

A new job she’d found & things looked up,

Now they had money to give a home to a mutt.


Something in Archie started to beam,

He recognised Mabel, who lit up the screen.

He asked his mum, then picked up the phone,

& offered ‘poor’ Mabel a place in his home.


“Come see her” they said, before you make up your mind,

Little Archie didn’t know if he could, the courage find,

To go to the shelter and meet this great girl,

So painfully shy, his head in a whirl.

Outside the Gates

He arrived at the gates of the big barking shelter,

A bundle of shyness, he started to swelter.

He gave them his letter to say he was able,

To give a good home to the misfit called Mabel.


The second he saw her, Archie was sure,

And so too was Mabel as she gave him her paw,

Sure of the love and the friendship to come,

Each giving a chance to the one who had none.



Having someone to listen, helped their happiness grow,

Archie entered them both in the agility show!

Nobody expected the pair to go far

Their mouths fell open when she jumped the high bar.


Round after round Mabel beat them paws down,

Archie laughed as he chased her around.

Archie looked at the screen, rubbing his eyes,

In big glowing letters ‘Archie & Mabel win First Prize!


As he presented the trophy, Judge patted Archie’s head,

“Thanks for saving Mabel lad, without you she’d be dead.”

But what no-one really understood, what no-one really knew,

It wasn’t one life that had been saved, the number saved was two.

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