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Sally-Anne takes her unbound creativity to the page as well as the canvas. She has penned several short stories, each offering a unique take on the life and spirits of animals and those that love them. Here is some of her work, enjoy!

Abel Mabel and Archie Moon

Abel and Archie Moon

This story is about a little boy who rescues a dog he sees on a television appeal. What he finds out is that in the end, it’s not only Mabel that gets saved by his good deed.

This story is based on the true story of my dog Mabel, who I first saw when she featured on The Paul O’Grady Show.   Her story wasn’t quite so neat as the one in Able Mabel, it took many months to settle her in and help her be sociable and happy (and not so crazy!). She would jump at faces, leap over baby gates, run away often and guard her food like it was precious gold! She has inspired me over and over with her personality and lust for life and i’ll be forever grateful to the wonderful dog loving Paul O’Grady for featuring her on his show that day.

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Little Roary

When Roary the toy lion gets dropped from his pushchair on a California holiday, it seems he’s lost forever, but nobody could forsee the adventure in this little lion, determined to get back home to England and to the little boy he loves. Travelling through America by horseback, Cadillac and the Greyhound bus, Roary has a chance to see all the wonder and excitement that the USA holds, from cowboys in the desert, singing with Elvis, to the heights of the Empire State Building.

Mr. Malfecelli and the Misfits

Coming in 2015

Have you ever thought your nose was too big? Your ears to sticky out? Your sneeze too loud? Too tall? Too short? Too fat? Too thin?..Then you are not alone.

In a quiet place in the woods, is the not so quiet home of Mrs Malficelli and her animal family. It’s a place where animals that haven’t fitted in anywhere else, fit just so. It is also where Atlas lives, the biggest dog anyone has ever seen, the worlds worst guard dog, with clumsy paws the size of dinner plates and whose breath smells like pickled onions. But, along with many other misfits, including his best friend Norman, the cheese intolerant mouse, he is loved.

Atlas believes with all his heart that nothing will change his perfect world…until that is Mrs Malficelli offers a home to another Misfit called Suzi. Threatened by her arrival and terrified his place by the fire will be lost forever, Atlas sets out to get rid of her once and for all, setting a path that leads to him discover that there is a far more to him than he ever thought possible.