New Website Launch

mmatmfirstdraftWelcome to the new Greta Loves Mabel website! I can’t wait to share more of my work and animal stories with you. There is lots of exciting stuff happening for me this year, both personally and professionally and I look forward to keeping you in the loop. The most exciting thing in my work is the publication of my children’s book ‘Mrs Malficelli & the Misfits’. This has been my baby for many years now, it was originally written form start to finish in 3 weeks and then put away for a long time. It next re-surfaced when I worked on it for a writing course at Liverpool University and I was so happy when it was awarded a first, yet still I put it away. Why? Because the story has always been a personal one to tell and I got the enjoyment from just creating and reading it myself, it involves the lives of animals I have known and loved, and I promise you that hardly a day has gone by when Mrs Malficelli & the Misfits has not been in my head. Now I am ready to share it with everybody and I can’t wait for that.

I hope you enjoy my website, lots of love to you and the animals in your life…real and imagined.


Sally-Anne -x

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